Spring Into the Season with Chewy

Pamper Your Pet From Head to Tail

By Camryn Miyahira

Ahh..it’s finally that time of year to pack away those winter sweaters and enjoy the long, sunny days. After months of cold weather, our four-legged friends are excited to get out of the house and get their tails wagging. Spring is the perfect time to pamper your pet with some new items to celebrate the change of seasons. Whether you plan on replacing your old dog bed or are looking to stay on top of this year’s trends, Chewy offers a variety of fun and unique food, toys, apparel, and more all at the convenience of your doorstep.

We understand that every pet has its own personality and we want to help out pet owners by offering a selection of styles and brands that every pet would slobber over. To keep up with the newest looks for the season, Chewy has curated a new, stylish spring collection that will make your furry friend a fashion statement everywhere you two go.

Nothing screams springtime like frills, floral patterns, or pastel-hue plaids. Or maybe your pet’s personality calls for something with a bit more spunk? Try adding small details like a patterned bandana or a bow tie to finish the look.

If apparel isn’t the kind of pet pampering you’re looking for, Chewy also offers fun toys such as squeaky plush toy kits and seasonal teaser wands for cats. Your furry friend will have so much fun that playtime will never end.

Looking for some nighttime pet pampering? Pet owners can make sure their lovable companions get the best night’s sleep in high-quality beds and other furniture. Chewy also has a selection of premium treats, gourmet meals, and wellness supplements to make sure your pet gets the right amount of nutrients.

From providing wellness items to the latest dog fashion, Chewy is committed to delivering exceptional products for every pet and personality out there. For more pet pampering recommendations, visit Chewy.com

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