Bring In the Festive Cheer of the Holidays with Chobani’s Seasonal Limited Batch Products

*Disclaimer: The content included on this site has no affiliation with Chobani. This is for a class project in PR 525 at USC Annenberg.*

Spice things up this holiday season with our exciting seasonal limited batch products – a creamy and delicious take on holiday seasonal flavors all crafted with natural ingredients.

Make this holiday extra special with our dairy and non-dairy varieties: 

Gingerbread Oat Coffee Creamer – Made from gluten-free oats, our oat-based gingerbread-flavored creamer adds a splash of warmth and spiciness to your coffee.

Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer – This chocolate and peppermint combination is the ultimate pick-me-upper!

Oat Nog – A delicious holiday favorite without the dairy. Made from our gluten-free oats.

With our easy-to-use bottles, add as much flavor as you like and swirl until satisfied. Our limited-edition decadent flavors will get you into the holiday spirit and give your coffee the delicious taste you crave for.  Experience the joys of silky, smooth holiday essence in the comfort of your own home for a limited time only.

The holiday-inspired products are available at grocery stores and retailers nationwide, such as Albertsons/Safeway, Ralphs, Amazon Fresh, and many more.

Check out more of Chobani’s products here

Chobani Season Limited Batch Product Videos

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