The Future of Fashion: Gap Goes Green

The apparel industry is facing a major crisis as the global clothing consumption levels have doubled within the past decade. The cycle of overproduction and overconsumption has contributed to the wasting of natural resources and added levels of pollution and toxic gasses in the air. At Gap, we understand that apparel brands have a lasting impact on people and the planet. Within the past decade, Gap has made steps toward lowering our environmental impact – like producing less waste, reducing water usage, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and sourcing better materials. Learn more here.

Our latest campaign, Gap Goes Green, aims to raise awareness about overproduction and overconsumption and strives to deliver a call to action to our consumers and other retailers in the fashion industry to become more conscious about the design, production, and consumption of clothing.

The campaign will be activated primarily through print, digital, and social channels to promote the sustainability message and reach the brand’s target Gen Z audience. The Gap Goes Green campaign fits into our commitment to make products with cotton from more sustainable sources. With the publication of our fiscal year global sustainability reports, we’re proud to show the progress we’re making toward meeting our sustainability goals and creating a more inclusive and fair workplace.

As a whole, “Gap Goes Green” is meant to invoke companies and consumers to rethink the world of fashion and focus on a more sustainable future. Gap is on a mission to do more than just sell clothes. We are devoted to creating sustainable changes, enriching communities, and producing products with quality materials to better the planet for this generation and the next. 

Check out our Responsibly-Made Shop and our Gap Going Green campaign now via

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